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This blog will follow two totally inexperienced bikepackers, Geoff and Cam, and their journey from Banff to Mexico via the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route. The route follows the Continental Divide, exposing riders to high altitude, diverse wildlife, and solitude. To learn more about the route, check this out. Randy will be the official bookie so get in touch with him if you'd like to place a wager on how far we will actually make it.

In the mean time, you can track our progress here thanks to our SPOT device.

This will be a site where we will try our best to post some pictures and stories along the way. Happy reading!

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Day 38 - Sargents to Beaver Pass CG

This morning we awoke to a local bike race on the same highway as our first 12 mile stretch.  We were quick to hop on the highway with the road racers.  We were already acclimatized and had our legs underneath us after having biked 2000+ miles.  It was amusing to watch Jake pass these road bikers as he had a FAT BIKE and 30lbs of gear.  Don't get it twisted though - we were passed more than we passed them.

We turned off onto the dirt road which we were to follow for the remainder of the day. The rainstorms from the night before and early that morning made it for one mucky ride.  After slipping out in some mudflats, we decided to take an early lunch and let the Colorado sun dry up the road. The roads dried up considerably and we were eager to hit the road.  In classic fashion, Cam's front tire decided to blow up again.  A quick repair job later we were on the road.

On our way to Cochetopa Pass, we met a Swedish couple doing the route - lots of Europeans! Today's riding featured a little bit different of a landscape... Colorado began as rolling hills, turned into giant mountains, and now in this southern portion became full of canyons, cacti, and rattlers.  We hit the top of the pass and rolled down to a campsite for the night. 

Cam beat Geoff in 200.

Awoke to a foggy morning

Today's mission

Lunch break.  Not a bad view!

This is the best we could do for lunch today... The grocer in Sergents had one bag of old hot dog buns. We feasted like Jones Lake ducks.

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