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This blog will follow two totally inexperienced bikepackers, Geoff and Cam, and their journey from Banff to Mexico via the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route. The route follows the Continental Divide, exposing riders to high altitude, diverse wildlife, and solitude. To learn more about the route, check this out. Randy will be the official bookie so get in touch with him if you'd like to place a wager on how far we will actually make it.

In the mean time, you can track our progress here thanks to our SPOT device.

This will be a site where we will try our best to post some pictures and stories along the way. Happy reading!

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Day 9 - Fatty Creek to Seely Lake

 Montana has been neat because you can see the passes you need to hit in advance, whereas in Canada we were constantly in a labyrinth of mountains making it hard to tell where you'll end up.  So today we rode straight into the foothills, then up into a pass. It was some of the best riding we've ever done.  Halfway up the pass there was a plateau with an awesome lake (Clearwater Lake). We treated ourselves to a midday swim before attacking the real climb.  Here we met a local with a handgun strapped to his crotch.  Rural Montana bear protection. The climb may have been the toughest yet because we faced the first real singletrack of the trip. Although tough on the body, it was nice on the eyes.  The singletrack provided lots of ridges providing some nice views.  The descent was equally as fun as we were whipping down and around the edge of the mountain side into Seely Lake.

Once in Seely Lake, we paid for a cheep "tent cabin" and headed to the local watering hole.  This was Cam's first inner-America experience.  It was awesome. We drank our beer (which tasted like a light beer with added cigarette butts for flavor, colour, and aroma) and overheard conversations about doing lots of drugs in 'Nam and dancing on sandbags to Santana.  We then watched the karaoke for a while before hitting the sack.


Todays mission

G approaching the pass

C doing the same

Nice trail

Midafternoon Swim

Nearing the summit

At the top

G dealing with some biking related issues


Clearwater Lake

just don't fall to the left!


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